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No matter how complex the job may be, the Trimble® KenaiTM rugged tablet is the right professional tool.

AVAILABLE NOW: the new Trimble Kenai, a fully rugged tablet featuring the Microsoft® Windows® 10 Professional operating system and a large 10.1” display screen that is capable of full-color images even in the brightest sunlight.

The Kenai provides connectivity including Bluetooth®, Wi-Fi and optional 4G LTE dual-mode data cloud-capability. Its hot-swappable battery lets users keep working long after consumer-grade tablets would fail.

The Kenai tablet is ideal for mobile workers who need to utilize large forms and color-coded information such as technical specifications, and is rugged enough to last for years of use even in harsh conditions. It meets the tablet computing needs of businesses in natural resources, utilities, transportation, agriculture, public safety, surveying, construction, mapping, field service, utilities, and other outdoor or service-related fields.

Its fully-rugged design also allows the computer to be cleaned for use on the floor of food and beverage processing, so safety can be monitored and audited comprehensively. In addition to standard USB ports, it comes with an RS 232 Serial Port that allows it to connect with many industrial and manufacturing machines, significantly aiding productivity and eliminating costly downtime.

This is the tablet for those mobile workers who need a computer they can count on no matter where the job takes them, or how long they have to stay in the field to get the job done.

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Kenai Models

The following configurations and part numbers are available for the new Kenai tablet.

Product Code Description Memory SSD Drive WWAN
     4GB 8GB 64GB 128GB 256GB US EU
KEN46L-YBS-00 GPS, BTWF x   x        
KEN88L-YBS-00 GPS, BTWF   x   x      
KEN89L-YBS-00 GPS, BTWF   x     x    
KEN88L-YUS-00 GPS, BTWF, US WWAN   x   x   x  
KEN89L-YUS-00 GPS, BTWF, US WWAN   x     x x  
KEN88L-YES-00 GPS, BTWF, EU WWAN   x   x     x
KEN89L-YES-00 GPS, BTWF, EU WWAN   x     x   x

Related Accessories for Extra Efficiency

Launching with the Kenai tablet are a number of accessories designed to create ease of use and greater functionality, including a vehicle docking station and office docking station, both of which include charging while the tablet is connected via ports that include HDMI and Ethernet. Other accessories include pole mounts, extended battery and desktop battery chargers.

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